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Opening Hours Announcement of GSG Clinic

time: 2020-03-18 author:GSG click:4433

GSG Clinic开诊通知

Opening Hours Announcement of GSG Clinic



From March 23rd, 2020 (Monday), GSG clinic at St. Michael Hospital will be resume service. To reduce the waiting time, please call our customer service to arrange an appointment before the hospital visit.


营业时间 Opening Hours

周一至周五 Monday to Friday  8:30am - 6:30pm

周六 Saturday  8:30am - 1:30pm


诊所地址 Address


Rehabilitation Medicine, Level 1 of St. Michael Hospital,

No. 388 Hong Bao Shi Road


联系方式 Contact Us

电话 Tel  021-2281 6522

邮箱 E-mail

微信/短信 WeChat/Message  18939895023



Appointments CANNOT be made if:

1. 14天内,到访者从国内其他省份(包括香港、澳门、台湾地区)来上海的

Visitor has come back to Shanghai from other domestic provinces in China during the past 14 days. (Including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions)

2. 14天内,到访者有过其他国家和地区旅居史的

Visitor has a history of travel and residence in other countries and regions during the past 14 days.

3. 到访者24小时内体温37.3

Visitor’s body temperature ≥ 37.3℃ within the last 24 hours

4. 到访者有呼吸道症状者

Visitor had respiratory symptom(s).

5. 到访者曾经接触过确诊/疑似新型冠状病毒感染的患者

Visitor had direct contact with confirmed/suspected cases of COVID-19.



In order to protect the health and safety of you and others, and reduce cross-infection, please provide sufficient information when making an appointment, and take relevant measures for personal protection when going out for medical treatment. Thank you for your understanding and support! We wish you and your family good health!