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Preventive Medicine

time: 2020-02-10 author:GSG click:4619

Preventive medicine is a branch of medical practice that focuses on prevention of disease, disability and early death as well as to promote and maintain health and well-being. Most people will agree that when it comes to our health, prevention is better than cure. This is because avoiding a disease from happening is more cost effective, and better treatment outcomes are achievable if a health problem is detected and treated earlier on.

Modern preventive medicine is not the sole responsibility from the health care providers but requires active participation of the patients. For example, an individual should avoid sedentary lifestyle, smoking and consuming foods that are high in fat, sugar and salt content in order to prevent an occurrence of a cardiovascular disease. Our GSG experts will help you to identify any potential health risk factors for a disease, provide proper management and guide you to live a healthy, disease free life.