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At Global Specialist Group (GSG), we emphasis on using an integrated approach to provide a comprehensive range of services to our members. Our multi-disciplinary team provides all aspects of preventive, acute and chronic care of our members using the evidence-based technology.

Top 6 reasons to choose us

GSG is the first clinic to offer a multi-disciplinary approach to health care in Shanghai. We strive to help our members to achieve optimal health of their well-being both physically and psychologically.
  • The most professional healthcare team
  • The most comprehensive treatment programs
  • The safest treatment results
  • The most cost-effective treatment
  • Cutting-edge medical resources
  • Your own personalized medical care

The most professional healthcare team

We recruit the most talented health care professionals from around the world to be part of our GSG team. Our team in China consists of Australian and Malaysian chiropractors, osteopathic physician, and orthopedic surgeons from Hong Kong, Taiwan, as…

The most comprehensive treatment programs

Many of us recognize that health is made up of multiple aspects, and if any of these areas are neglected, we are at risk of being “unwell”. To achieve optimal health, we always tend to seek help from different health care providers…

The safest treatment results

We are committed to prioritizing evidence-based practice at GSG. Our most proficient experts develop comprehensive treatment programs based on the best available evidence. Hence, our program has impeccable safety records…

The most cost-effective treatment

The costs for healthcare can be very high when the care people receive is poorly coordinated. At GSG, we help our clients to avoid unnecessarily high costs by performing precise evaluations and eliminating irrelevant medical procedures or tests…

Cutting-edge medical resources

GSG has many associates in different countries of the world. We have SureCare medical group in Hong Kong with over 20 medical specialists in orthopedic, Ob&G, and rehabilitation medicine…

Your own personalized medical care

GSG recognizes that our clients are all individuals with different treatment requirements, our program is therefore tailored to their individual needs. For example, the treatment for a professional athlete with meniscus problem of the knee…

GSG Recruitment

SH G.S.G. is different from the public hospitals. These specialists are the top experts in their field. Many are the chiefs of departments of top 3A class hospitals in Shanghai. Our team has the most advanced medical equipments and the best know-how so our clients can get the best treatment right here in Shanghai. Our team is standing by 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for our clients so as to take care of any emergency.

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