Our Team

Dr. Vivian Zhang

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Dr. Vivian Zhang has engaged in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) clinical practice and research after graduating from the Shanghai University of Chinese Medicine. She has had a wide professional knowledge and experience spanning over 30 years of clinical practice.

Dr. Zhang specializes in the study of anti-aging with Chinese Medicine and aims to combine Traditional Chinese Medicine theory with modern medicine applications to eliminate in-vivo toxins thus preventing cell ageing. Her treatment will remove free radicals and toxins in the body thus enhancing the immune system. She has obtained a highly valued qualification “Shanghai Chinese Medicine Cosmetic License” for her achievements in the area of anti-aging cosmetics. As a disciple of Lu’s acupuncture (national level), which is listed as a non-material cultural heritage, Dr. Zhang was invited to work in the USA and received very high praises from fellow doctors there.

In GSG, Dr. Zhang applies her experience in adjusting and fulfilling the kidney qi (energy), improving the level of endocrine hormones, elimination of body toxins, to achieve total body rejuvenation.